All The Ways You Attract Ants To Your Houston Home

August 27, 2021

Ants are very social creatures, which means that they live in large colonies of millions. All of them assigned a specific task that they accomplish with single-minded thought and focus. If there was an employee of the month award, they would all qualify. What does this mean to the average homeowner you ask? Well, if you are having an ant problem, you already know the answer. They invade! With precision and purpose. That’s why GreenForce Pest Solutions has been trained to hunt down and infiltrate the ranks of the invading army of ants.

ants eating paste off a plate

Ants Common To Huston

Most ants are just a pain in the backside, but some are dangerous to both people and the ecosystem. Prevention is the way to go here. There are a multitude of ants in Texas, the following seem to plague the Houston area with regularity:

  • Red fire ant - Reddish-brown, 1/16 - 3/16 inch. They make obvious mounds with no visible entrance, are aggressive when disturbed, and have a nasty sting.

  • Pharaoh ant - Yellowish color, 1/32 inch. They are very tiny, and mostly nest indoors, preferring cardboard boxes and inside walls.

  • Rover ant - Brown with striped gaster, 1/32 inch. They typically nest in the ground and can be found in the yard, entering the home when lured by a sweet treat.

  • Carpenter ant - Solid black or brown, or combination of black and red-orange. ¼-½ inch. Mostly nocturnal, nesting in hollow trees and large fallen branches, but have been known to nest in hollow doors. They do not sting, but will bite.

  • Acrobat ant - Black or brown, ⅛ inch. When disturbed they will lift their heart-shaped butts into the air, in an attempt to scare you away.

  • Crazy ant - Yellowish-brown, ⅛ inch. Their name comes from their fast and erratic running, as well as the hairs on their body.

  • Odorous ant - Blackish brown, 1/16 - ⅛ inch. They produce a licorice-like odor when crushed.

Why Are They Attracted To My Home?

You are the great attractor in this scenario. Ants are attracted to all that you have around you, and what you leave behind. They know that wherever humans live, food will be abundant. Some of their favorites are:

  • Sugar - This is at the top of the list. It can be the sugar bowl itself, or the honey jar. They can smell sweet odors and track them.

  • Pet food - It is an easy target, often left on the floor and forgotten about by humans.

  • Standing water - Water near sinks is a good source, and easy access for the tiny ant.

Ant Prevention Tips 

Ant prevention can prove difficult, but with these few prevention tips and GreenForce Pest Solutions’ ongoing assistance, you can keep them away.

  • Tighten up any leaky pipes, and cover them with insulation to avoid condensation.

  • Plug up all the holes that you can find in your home.

  • Keep food in plastic, airtight containers with seals. Ants are tricky, and can follow the spiral threads up into a tightly screwed-on lid to gain entry.

  • Clean up any debris or fallen trees around your home.

  • Use peppermint oil as a deterrent at entry points.

  • Take out the garbage frequently.

Do what you can by following these tips, and we will do the rest! You’ve got this! A pest-free weekend is right around the corner.

What Is The Best Way To Handle An Ant Invasion?

Prevention is the way to go with ants. Once they have targeted your Houston home for invasion, you have little hope of resistance. They act in unison, and are focused on their mission. GreenForce Pest Solutions is ready to be deployed upon your request. Our commandos are the best at what they do. Call for a free ant elimination service estimate today.

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