Five Early Signs Of Cockroaches In Your Houston Home

June 15, 2021

The thing people always forget about pests is that they are really good at hiding the signs of their activity. Cockroaches, especially, are masters at stealth and infiltration. Unless you know how to spot the early signs of their populations, you won’t be able to respond quickly with solutions. The longer an infestation has to grow, the more it leads to even nastier problems.

cockroach in kitchen sink

You’re Not Likely To Spot Them Directly

All pests tend to stick to the dark voids of our properties -- nesting within the walls, storage areas, and foundations of homes and businesses. Cockroaches are no different, but they are also uniquely adapted to squeezing into tight spaces and avoiding detection. Cockroaches can flatten their bodies to squeeze through cracks and they can scurry out of sight much quicker than other insects. People with cockroach infestations typically notice the side effects of their presence long before they ever actually see a cockroach. If you do see a cockroach directly, it likely means that they’ve been there far longer and have simply outgrown the old nesting grounds that used to hide them from the open.

Signs Of Cockroaches In Your Home

It's important to be on the lookout for the other signs of cockroach activity around your property. Here are the top five early indicators of an infestation:

  1. Skin sheds: As cockroaches age from nymphs to adults, they outgrow their exoskeletons and must shed them. They leave these discarded skin sheds behind -- a sure sign that a population is not only there but reproducing and growing.
  2. Stains: A cockroach’s oily body will leave streaks behind on walls and other surfaces they crawl upon.
  3. Droppings: All animals urinate and defecate, and pests are far less capable of cleaning up their waste than we are. Their droppings also cause stains.
  4. Odor: As you can imagine, the foul odors that result from cockroach droppings are also a tell-tale sign.
  5. Eggs: Cockroaches don’t leave their eggs out in the open, but you may still find their dark-colored eggs or egg casings around.

Dangers That Cockroaches Pose

The reason it’s important to catch early signs of roaches is because of the larger dangers that they can pose to you and your property. Cockroaches aren’t just gross to look at, they pose direct dangers to you and your property. Here are just some of them:

  • Damage: Cockroaches can chew through even strong materials that most creatures wouldn’t consider food. They also leave stains in their wake.
  • Disease: The real danger of cockroaches is in the pathogens they carry. Roaches are known to carry salmonella and plague, among other diseases.
  • Proliferation: All the problems they cause are only worsened by the fact that cockroaches breed in large numbers. This is why pest populations must be caught and eliminated early.

Call Pros Immediately

No matter how far along an infestation is, you should turn to professional solutions rather than waste time on solutions or prevention methods that might not work. Since you likely won’t have a way of knowing how far along an infestation is without professional assistance, there’s no better time than right now to get started. At GreenForce Pest Solutions, our expert technicians can inspect your property inside and out for cockroaches or the things that attract them. Not only can we help you make sure pests aren’t already there, but we can also implement effective treatments that are the only true way to ward off invasive pests. If cockroaches are already there, our solutions will get rid of them before they can pose larger health risks or damage to your property. Don’t wait to get started on proper cockroach protection, contact GreenForce Pest Solutions today.

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