How You Could Be Wrong About Mosquitoes In Houston, TX

September 23, 2021

Mosquitoes can ruin your outdoor activities. They swarm around non-stop until they’re able to bite you and drink your blood. Your fluid is what helps them survive. Afterward, bumps that are red and itchy will surface.

Folks think aggravation and welts are all there is to mosquitoes, but that’s not true. Medical professionals have deemed them a health threat because of their ability to transmit disease. It can be hard to dodge these bugs because they love nature. Learn more about how to stop mosquitoes and what widespread details are myths. Also, find out what GreenForce Pest Solutions can do for you in Houston. 

mosquitoes biting human skin at night time

Myth #1 All Mosquitoes Bite

Fact #1: An estimated 3,500 species of mosquitoes exist on earth. Believe it or not, some don’t bite humans. If they do, it will be the females. The proteins in the blood are conducive to reproduction and egg development. Among the subgroups in Houston are the Culex Pipiens, Aedes Albopictus, and Anopheles Quadrimaculatus. Generally, mosquitoes are 0.12 to 0.35 of an inch long. They have scaly wings and bodies, thin legs, and distinct noses.  

Myth #2 People With Fair Skin Are More Likely to Be Bitten by Mosquitoes

Fact #2: Since mosquito bites are more visible on individuals with lighter skin, it seems like they’re greater targets. In reality, the odds are the same as those with a darker complexion.

Some things you can do to keep mosquitoes from being drawn to you specifically are:

  • Avoid wearing blue, black, or other dark colors. Mosquitoes can identify dim shades clearly, so choose a brighter wardrobe.
  • Think twice about ingesting alcoholic beverages. The alluring content and smell will come from your pores.  
  • Be mindful when close to a watery location, and stay indoors after sunset. Mosquitoes breed around standing pools and are heavily active at dusk.

Myth #3 Every Mosquito Carries Disease

Fact #3: Fortunately, only a small percentage of mosquitoes are distributors for dangerous diseases. However, it’s serious business when these bugs harbor them. Here are facts about some of the illnesses the flying insects are linked to:

  • Chikungunya is incurable and causes severe joint pain and fever.  
  • Malaria leads to sweating and chills.
  • Dengue has symptoms like rashes, fever, and nausea.
  • Yellow Fever is associated with intense liver, kidney, and heart issues.
  • Zika virus cultivates birth defects in 5% of infants.
  • West Nile virus spurs fatal neurological responses and 80% of asymptomatic patients.

Myth #4 Attracting Bats to Your Property Is an Effective Way to Reduce Mosquito Populations

Fact #4: While bats consume mosquitoes, the bugs are just a tiny part of their overall diet. Pests such as moths, beetles, and cicadas are eaten in higher quantities. Besides, inviting bats to your home or business isn’t advised. Those creatures bring about their own trouble with structural damage and sickness.

Myth #5 You Can Get Rid Of Mosquitoes on Your Own

Fact #5: You won’t be able to eliminate mosquitoes independently, but you can make your land less appealing to them by performing these tasks:

  • Light essential oil candles with repellent ingredients, like rosemary and peppermint.
  • Set mosquito traps outdoors, but clean them frequently.
  • Reduce standing water by drying pet drinking bowls and draining swimming areas.
  • Mow the grass and trim the greenery regularly. Don’t overwater it, and be sure to drain it well.
  • Remove organic debris from the lawn.    
  • Flush your gutters on a routine basis.

Since “do it yourself” methods aren’t viable and commercial products can be noxious, defer to us at GreenForce Pest Solutions. We have safe standing water, granule, and misting treatments to combat mosquitoes. Our eco-friendly solutions are designed to eradicate these bugs at every life stage. Warranties are available. Get a free inspection when you call us today!

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