Is Your Houston Home Ready For Termite Season?

March 31, 2020

March brings some exciting things to residents of Houston. The spring season is always an exciting change, and March Madness Season leaves Cougars fans restless. But there’s one season to be wary of as the Texas sun beats down on us again: termite season. Termites are a common problem for Houston residents, and if you don’t prepare for termites' busiest season, they could bring years of expensive damage to your household. Let’s go over what “termite season” means and what you can do to get ready for it.

a group of dead termite swarmers

Swarm Of The Termites

The term “termite season” is a little misleading, because termites aren’t a seasonal pest, they remain active all year. Rather, what “termite season” refers to is the period when termites are most likely to fly around and create new colonies.

Flying termites? You heard us right. Also known as “swarmers,” these termites are a specific group of young, highly reproductive insects looking to start new families near houses like yours. You are most likely to see them between February and April when the ground warms up and established colonies start outgrowing their homes.

Swarmers have brown, rounded bodies that grow to around ¼ of an inch in length, six legs, and straight antennae. Their wings are clear and extend past their bodies. However, you’re more likely to see their wings on the ground. Termite wings are a common sign that swarmers have been around, so if you see wings, this is a sign that there’s a nearby colony trying to break into your house.

Termite Prevention Tips

It’s never a bad idea to implement a prevention plan, regardless of if you think you’re at risk. However, if you spot swarmers around nearby properties, the time to lock down your house is now. Consider the following action plans to secure your house from swarmers:

  • Lawn maintenance – termites often get beneath your house because they're attracted to something in your yard. If you have piles of lumber, leaf piles, or other materials containing cellulose, termites will burrow in the space underneath and feed on your lawn. This is how termites often end up beneath your house, feeding on your floorboards as well, so be sure to tidy the yard and keep cellulose from touching the soil around your property. 
  • Get rid of moisture – termites are attracted to highly moist spaces in your house, especially in your crawl spaces or where your house meets the ground. Test for moisture in these spaces and dry them out before the termites invade.
  • Shut off the lights – keep your exterior lights off at night, as this can attract termite swarmers to your home, and an infestation will soon follow.

When Termites Attack 

What do you do when you find termite wings strewn around your house, or if you see a swarmer flying about your property? Unfortunately, it’s probably too late for you to do anything – this means that the termites have started nesting beneath your home, and no home treatment or DIY trick will reach all of the colony members.

If you see the signs of termites or termite damage in your Houston house, act immediately. Contact the expert exterminators at GreenForce Pest & Lawn today. 

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