Signs Of Termites To Watch For Around Your Houston Property

April 30, 2021

You probably understand that a termite infestation is not something to mess around with, and you’ve probably heard how easily you could incur an infestation. However, one thing you might not realize is that there are a few ways to avoid the costly damage of a termite infestation, even after they’ve invaded your property. 

termites in the dark

See The Signs, Save The Money 

The most common type of termites in the Houston area are subterranean termites. Since these termites love to feed on moist, rotting wood, as opposed to dry, healthy wood, they are the most destructive and efficient. Subterranean termites are natural-born wood destroyers, and they can be very beneficial to recycle decaying matter in forest settings. 
However, on your property, they’re nothing but trouble. They might take 18 months or more to cause serious damage to your property, but they can be very difficult to spot. That’s why they can invade over 600,000 homes in the US each year and begin long infestations.
Each year, U.S.homeowners spend $5 billion on termite expenses. The homeowners who wind up with costly damage are the ones who don’t recognize the signs of their termite infestation. By understanding the signs, you may be able to spot termite activity before the damage becomes too severe.

  • Mud tubes: invading subterranean termites will often leave mud tubes on the walls of your foundation. You may be able to spot them outside or in the dark and hidden areas of your basement. 
  • Wood damage to exposed areas: if you notice any damage near the ground to any of the exposed wood outside your home, such as a wooden fence or outdoor deck post, you most likely have a termite problem. 
  • Tightening around doors and windows: if your doors and windows become difficult to open and shut, this could be a sign of internal damage caused by termites. 
  • Shed swarmer wings: swarmers are the winged termites in charge of recolonization, but they only congregate once or twice a year in large groups. You’re far more likely to notice their shed wings around your property.

It’s important to note that the signs of subterranean termites are different from the signs of other kinds of termites. For instance, dry wood termites are not as common, but they’ll still invade Houston homes. Drywood termites will not leave mud tubes. Instead, one sign you should be able to visually notice is frass. This is a mixture of termite droppings and wooden pellets that dry wood termites expel from their tunnels as they work. 

Inspections, Prevention, And Eradication

While you’re on the lookout for these signs, keep in mind that they can be difficult to identify. If you want to take your chances and try to keep an eye out for them on your own, your risk of a prolonged infestation is much higher. If you want the peace of mind and assurances that come with a professional touch, GreenForce Pest Solutions offers yearly inspections to make sure that there is no termite activity on your property. 
If you do notice signs of termite activity, don’t try and get rid of them yourself. Your own efforts, using home remedies or store-bought sprays, will probably allow the infestation to continue in other areas of your property. Instead of wasting your time and money just to get inconsistent results, call the pros at GreenForce Pest Solutions at the first sign of termites. 

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