The Answers To Houston's Most Commonly Asked Bed Bug Questions

May 28, 2021

Most people don’t know much about bed bugs, other than that cutesy nursery rhyme about sleeping tight at night. But these pests aren’t as simple as you might think, and learning everything you can about how their infestations start may just protect your property from these biting parasites.

bed bug crawling on bedroom furniture

What Causes Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are parasitic pests that feed off the blood of people and pets. As such, they are attracted to areas where lots of people can gather. Most people think that bed bugs are only a problem in dirty homes or businesses, but they can easily be spread from place to place. In fact, bed bugs are most often a problem in hotspot areas -- public places like transit stations, hotels, and hospitals -- where they can spread from contaminated items or people. Hotspots provide bed bugs with hundreds of people, all from different homes or places of work, to target. This is how people who already have bed bugs spread them to others, meaning anyone who travels and works for a living should take care not to pick them up.

Where Are Bed Bugs Found?

Contrary to what their name suggests, bed bugs aren’t only found in mattresses or sheets. In reality, they will contaminate any item that provides them space to burrow into and avoid the light. That means bed bugs can infest clothing, suitcases, furniture, and anywhere that these items -- or other suitable items -- can be found. As nocturnal pests, bed bugs prefer dark areas that are a short crawl away from where people will stop to rest. Understanding that bed bugs can be found anywhere around a property is critical to understanding just how thorough you have to be when looking for signs of an infestation. This is why pest professionals provide the best chance of finding hidden bed bug populations.

Do Bed Bugs Spread Disease?

Unlike other parasitic pests, which are typically dangerous spreaders of disease, bed bugs aren’t known to carry or transmit harmful blood-borne pathogens. But that doesn’t mean they are pleasant to have around. They breed in large numbers, so they can cause many bites all over the skin. These small, red welts are incredibly itchy thanks to a compound in a bed bug’s saliva. Repeated scratching at these welts can increase the risk of skin infections. The discomfort and the anxiety of knowing that parasites are around you can even lead to insomnia or sleep loss. While none of these are life-threatening conditions, bed bugs can indeed pose larger health risks, which is just one more disgusting reason why they are not welcome on any property.

What Home Remedies Get Rid Of Bed Bugs?

Because they are such nasty parasites, people will try just about anything to get rid of bed bugs or improve their chances of keeping them out. The problem is that home remedies are often ineffective. Even ones that work likely won’t do much to solve the actual problem of an infestation. See, it’s not the adult bed bugs that are the source of the infestation, it’s their hidden eggs. If you don’t root those out and apply effective solutions that eliminate them, a bed bug problem will simply grow right back. That’s why the best course of action is to call the experts for pest control. At GreenForce Pest Solutions, we know all the places where bed bugs like to hide and where their eggs can be found. Let us get started on an inspection of your property today, so we can catch any warning signs before they grow into a full-blown problem.

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