The Myths Associated With the Bed Bugs In Houston

December 15, 2021

Of all the pests that creep their way inside Houston, Texas homes, bed bugs are some of the most invasive, disgusting, and difficult. While bed bugs are known and feared pests, many myths surround their behavior and what their infestations mean for property owners.

A bed bug crawling on a mattress.

To help you learn about bed bugs and learn what you can do to keep them away, we’ve put together this guide that debunks common myths about these tiny invaders and gives you the truth instead.

Myth: Bed Bugs Only Invade Dirty Homes.

Bed bugs are often associated with filth because the idea of having a hoard of bugs around your bed is so disgusting. But, the truth is that these pests aren’t more likely to invade dirty homes than clean ones. Bed bug infestations can happen to anyone and occur almost anywhere. And, it’s not just homes that have infestations; businesses can have them, too.

When thinking of bed bugs, their name gives part of their behavior away. It’s true that bed bugs do love mattresses and bedding, especially because this gives them easy access to getting a blood meal, but they can also survive on other things. Bed bugs are also found on other furniture and even in holes in walls and outlets.

Myth: Bed Bugs Spread Disease.

One of the reasons many people fear bed bugs is because they assume that these pests will bring about lots of pathogens and illnesses. While there are many pests in Houston that can spread disease, bed bugs aren’t one of them. There is no actual concrete evidence that bed bugs transmit pathogens that harm humans.

However, they can still cause some other health problems. Bed bugs can lead to secondary infections from scratching at the bite marks. Also, in rare cases when bed bug infestations are severe, people can get anemia from the constant bites.

Myth: Bed Bugs Are Too Small To See.

Bed bugs are quite tiny pests, but they aren’t invisible to the human eye. The adult bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed, but there are still are some other visual signs of bed bugs you’re likely to notice first. These include:

  • Brown smear marks around walls, baseboards, and bedding
  • Small blood stains on bedding caused by the bites
  • A musty odor
  • Egg casings or discarded shells around baseboards

If you see any of these or other signs of bed bugs it is important to act quickly to remove the infestation before it grows any larger.

Myth: You Can Remove Bed Bugs On Your Own.

The truth is that bed bugs are one of the most challenging pests to remove using DIY methods. If even just a couple of eggs remain, the infestation can come back again just as strong with time. You’ll likely spend a lot of time and money working to remove the infestation only to be frustrated when they never seem to go away completely.

Because of this, the best way to ensure the eradication of bed bugs is with pest control assistance from GreenForce Pest Solutions. We will use effective bed bug removal methods to eliminate every single bed bug and bed bug egg throughout your property.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about bed bug control options for your home or business. You can also request a quote or an inspection.

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