The Trick To Getting Silverfish Out Of Your Houston Home & Keeping Them Out

June 30, 2020

When silverfish get into Houston homes, they can create many issues. These insects can put holes in your clothing, damage your wallpaper, eat the faces off your photos, remove words from your favorite novel, make important documents unreadable, get into your pantry foods, and a whole lot more. If you're thinking, "Um, no thank you," then we have some good news for you. Here's how you can get rid of silverfish and prevent future infestations:

silverfish on book

Getting Silverfish Out

There is a trick to getting rid of silverfish. It is connected to their need for moisture. Have you noticed that these insects tend to show up in your bathroom, basement, or laundry room? This isn't a coincidence. They're drawn to high humidity and the presence of moisture sources. You can make these areas less comfortable for silverfish by doing some or all of the following:

  • Fix leaky faucets on your tub, shower, or sinks. Excess moisture increases the humidity in your bathroom.

  • Use the fan in your bathroom when taking a shower or bath. This vents the humidity out of the bathroom.

  • Don't leave water in the jetted tub between uses. You can probably guess why this is a bad idea.

  • Add a fan in your bathroom if you don't have one. You can't vent the moisture if you don't have a fan and a vent.

  • Add fans and dehumidifiers in rooms that are high in humidity. Basements, cellars, attics, laundry rooms, and storage areas can benefit from a fan or dehumidifier.

A dry home can kill silverfish or drive them out. But the control of moisture extends beyond addressing humidity. You need to address moisture issues. Here are some examples:

  • Remove or replace wood on the interior or exterior of your home that has been damaged by water.

  • Fix plumbing leaks.

  • Clean your gutter system.

  • Repair damage to your gutters, downspouts, or splash blocks.

  • Rake leaves, grass clippings, and other organic material away from the exterior of your home.

  • Remove unnecessary vegetation in your landscaping.

  • Keep your landscaping and lawn trimmed.

Keeping Silverfish Out

If you're able to kill the silverfish in your home by drying them out, it isn't going to do a whole lot if more come in to replace the ones you eliminated. That is why it is important to also seal entry points. Seal gaps around pipes that enter your home and around windows, doors, and other exterior penetrations.

Controlling Silverfish

Many silverfish infestations can be dealt with by addressing humidity and moisture, and by sealing pathways silverfish are using to get in. If your infestation persists or you're finding silverfish in sensitive locations, pest control methods and products may be required to get control of these insects. If this is the case, reach out to GreenForce Pest Solutions. We offer industry-leading pest control services in the Houston area.

What You Can Expect

When you hire the five brothers: Clint, Blair, Lars, Cody, and Gordon to handle your silverfish infestation, you'll get the results you're hoping for. There is a reason we're called the bug brothers. We know how to handle Houston bugs. You'll get friendly service with a smile, a pest control solution that will use the least amount of chemicals possible, comprehensive interior and exterior service, and follow up service to ensure the complete elimination of silverfish.

Silverfish are destructive insects. Don't trust your belongings to anyone but the best. Reach out to GreenForce Pest Solutions today and schedule service. We're looking forward to meeting you and helping you resolve your pest problem. Get in touch today for immediate assistance in North Houston and the region North of Houston.

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