Why Every Restaurant In Houston Should Have Professional Pest Control

February 14, 2020

It’s not a secret that pests are the bane of all restaurants in Houston. Not only do they make the dining experience unpleasant, but they can also lead to problems for restaurant owners including expensive repairs or even having to shut down. With pests being such a potential problem, it makes sense that every restaurant in Houston should sign up for commercial pest control.

a restaurant protected with commercial pest control

While there are definitely ways to combat pests on your own, which we’ll cover, the truth is nothing is as effective as professional attention. There are a number of benefits to enjoy when investing in professional pest control services.

Some of the benefits you can expect include:

  • No failed audits: Restaurants are subject to regular inspections. One of the criteria is the relative cleanliness of the restaurant. When pests like cockroaches, ants, or termites are present, your score will go down and could end with you closing the doors. Professional pest control keeps this from happening through regularly scheduled maintenance.
  • Maintain your reputation: Maybe you won’t have to close your doors immediately if pests are discovered on the premises. However, that doesn’t mean you can survive the bad reputation they bring. Customers talk and with social media being so prevalent, a bad reputation is not only imminent but also long-lasting in its impact. With pest control technicians, this is one reason customers won’t have to leave a bad review.
  • Protect your customers and employees: Pests bring a host of unwanted bacteria and disease into your restaurant. Regular pest control will ensure that the pests and their waste that cause unwanted health hazards will not effect the health and well-being of your employees and customers. 

Why Pests are Bad for Business

At this point, you have a good idea of how restaurants benefit from commercial pest control. However, fully understanding the benefits requires understanding exactly how pests are bad for business.
Pests are bad for business because:

  • They cause property damage: Regardless of the pest, whether it’s a termite, ant, rodent, or cockroach, the potential for property damage is high. It’s estimated that carpenter ants alone account for almost $22 million in damages across the country in 2015. Unfortunately, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Commercial pest control may be an investment, but the potential savings more than make up for the cost.
  • They result in high employee turnover: Successful restaurants have a solid employee base that makes up the core of the team. Building such a strong team is impossible when the restaurant is overrun with pests. Employees lose morale as the conditions become worse. For this reason, pests can indirectly lead to high turnover. 
  • They cause dangerous illnesses: If there’s one universal truth about pests, it’s this. Pests of all types carry bacteria and germs, which can lead to illnesses like salmonella or food poisoning for customers of your restaurant.

General Prevention Tips

Fortunately, restaurants in Houston can take proactive measures to ensure pest problems don’t develop in between treatments from their pest control company.

Keep these tips as part of your standard operating procedure for the best results:

  • Make the building a fortress: Pests like to slip through the cracks of your building to get inside. The smallest of openings is all that’s needed for your restaurant to become open season. Consider hiring professionals to seal up the cracks and holes surrounding the building. Pay close attention to areas heavy with pipes or wiring.
  • Watch the garbage: Restaurants go through a lot of trash during their day-to-day operations. Proper and timely disposal can ensure you don’t have to worry about pest problems as well. Seal all trash bags and make sure the dumpsters are as far from the building as possible.
  • Don’t forget the roof: Most often, pests come in via the ground floor. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t pests that enter from above. Rodents especially love to climb and will find those gaps high on the wall or on the roof. If trees are nearby, this only widens the opportunity. Take care to carefully inspect the top as much as the bottom of the restaurant for full protection.

Pest Control with GreenForce Pest & Lawn

Since the beginning, our team has been built with the concept of family in mind. We believe in taking care of our customers during and after performing pest control services. It’s not enough to just start strong. We believe true quality comes from maintaining follow-up appointments and ongoing services.
Every technician at GreenForce Pest & Lawn undergoes extensive training to ensure our commercial clients are properly protected against all pests so they can continue business as usual. Our treatments are environmentally friendly and don’t leave behind any odors or residue so no one has to know we were there in the first place. 
Are you in need of pest control solutions? Then give us a call to speak with one of our agents about our professional pest control services or fill out our online form to schedule your free quote.

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