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Professional Pest Control In Conroe, Texas

Conroe, Texas, is one of the principal cities in the Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land metro area. As the seat of Montgomery County, this growing city has a reputation of excellence to uphold. Nothing takes a reputation down faster than a pest infestation, that’s why we’re at your service.
GreenForce Pest Solutions is one of the premier pest control companies in the North Houston area. We’ve been providing comprehensive residential and commercial extermination and maintenance services for over 40 years. Our team is led by five brothers, affectionately referred to as The Bug Brothers. This team of pest experts offers complete coverage from many common pests in the area including spiders, wasps, cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes, termites, and many others.  

Home Pest Control In Conroe, TX

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Owning a house comes with a ton of responsibilities. One of those responsibilities is protecting your home and your loved ones from the dangers of pest infestation. The team at GreenForce Pest Solutions services over 2,000 homes in the local area. We utilize a meticulous 12-point pest shield protection program to guarantee the results you deserve. Our services include the following elements:

  •  Thorough interior treatment
  •  Glue-boards to capture pests
  •  Baiting for rodents and ants
  •  Sealing up cracks, crevices, entry points
  •  Taking care of excess moisture points (kitchen sink, washing machine, utilities)
  •  Detailed exterior inspection
  •  Identifying potential entry points in need of repair
  •  Inspecting attic
  •  Applying water-activated granules in the yard
  •  Spraying a 3-foot radius around your foundation
  •  Removing wasp nests and spider webs
  •  Eliminating contact between shrubs and buildings
  •  Monitoring moisture points that attract wood-damaging pests

Contact us today for a consultation. Our residential pest control services are available on a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly basis. We work with you to come up with the perfect treatment plan for your specific pest problem, no matter the scale.

Commercial Pest Control In Conroe, TX

If you run a business in Conroe and you don’t have a professional pest control plan set in place, you need to give us a call today. Pest activity and successful businesses just don’t go together. You need expert commercial pest control services to protect your company, your employees, your customers, and your reputation from the detrimental effects of the infestation. We service a wide range of commercial clients including:

  • Hospitals

  • Restaurants

  • Food Manufacturing

  • Warehouses

  • Schools

  • Apartment Complexes

Join our community of over 400 satisfied commercial clients and protect the future of your business. Our licensed and professional pest control technicians work with you and your needs to customize the perfect treatment plan for your situation. Some of our featured services include:

  • Exterior Pest Guard
  • Mosquito Reduction
  • Rodent Control
  • Termite Control
  • Eco-Friendly Solutions
  • Monthly/Bi-monthly/Quarterly Service Visits
  • Dependable Service Warranties


Guide To Minimizing Mosquitoes In Conroe, TX

No one wants to get bitten by a mosquito. Not only are the bites they leave us with extremely itchy and annoying, but they’re also capable of transmitting a host of vector-borne illnesses. Consider the following list of tips to avoid mosquitos and minimize your exposure to these blood-sucking pests:

  • Wear long sleeves and long pants
  • Wear insecticide treated clothing
  • Keep windows and doors closed
  • Repair window and door screens
  • Eliminate sources of standing water
  • Maintain well-trimmed grass and vegetation

While these are all valid ways to minimize your exposure to mosquitoes, there’s only one guaranteed way to protect your property from these vector pests. Set up a service visit with a professional pest control company. At GreenForce Pest Solutions, our mosquito control services are detailed and thorough. We will give you the best, most effective results you’ve ever seen. Give us a call to discuss your mosquito control needs.

Why Termite Protection Is Vital In Conroe, TX

Termite damage can be detrimental. You may not think that these tiny little wood-eaters could cause such large-scale damage, but they certainly can. It’s estimated that the U.S alone spends over five billion dollars on termite damage each and every year. That’s a lot of money for a problem that could be prevented.
Protecting your property from termite damage is crucial in order to avoid structural damage that compromises your safety. Most homeowner insurance plans don’t cover termite damage. This makes it even more important for you to work with a professional pest control company. We can eradicate the problem, and even better, stop the problem from occurring in the first place.
GreenForce Pest Solutions has the experience and expertise to successfully eliminate termite activity from your Conroe property once and for all. Contact us today for an estimate. One of our certified technicians will come by for an initial service visit to get a better understanding of the situation. From there, we come up with a treatment plan that’s right for you. We also come back for routine service visits to maintain a pest-free environment moving forward.


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