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Professional Pest Control In Houston Heights, TX

Houston Heights, Texas is a small community in the sprawling city of Houston. Originally designed as a satellite community for those who didn’t want the bustle of city life, the Houston area has definitely grown all around Houston Heights in the last 50 years. All that metropolitan bustle can make it hard to find the time to think about pest control, and finding a local company to help you that isn’t completely booked can be a tall order. That’s why GreenForce Pest Solutions targets its services in specific neighborhoods, ensuring that no property ever falls victim to a pest infestation.

Home Pest Control In Houston Heights, TX

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All kinds of pests can wind up being a problem for your Houston Heights, TX home. Protecting your property from them isn’t just about avoiding nasty critters, it’s also about avoiding the serious damage and health problems they can introduce. That’s why smart homeowners trust GreenForce Pest Solutions for timely and effective pest control. From early prevention to prompt treatment of current infestations, we offer everything you need to keep your Houston Heights home safe. Our residential services come in three basic steps:

  • Inspection: The first area where professional expertise is important is in fully inspecting your property. Only trained technicians know all the places to look, not just for pests themselves but also the eggs they lay or the factors that might attract them to your home.
  • Treatment: Once we’ve determined your level of need, we can tailor services to your property and your budget. From exterior treatments that protect you from future infestations to targeted treatments both inside and outside of your home, we offer safe and effective solutions.
  • Follow-Up: Pest problems usually aren’t a “one and done” proposition. That’s why we come back and make sure our treatments are leading to results.

For overall protection against pests in your home, contact GreenForce Pest Solutions today.

Commercial Pest Control In Houston Heights, TX

Every business has unique concerns when it comes to pests. While there are obvious targets for pest populations, like restaurants or other food industry businesses, the truth is that all kinds of properties can be beacons for pest activity. Even office complexes, storage warehouses, and other common commercial properties can be safe havens for pests looking for a place to call home. That’s why we offer targeted, customized pest solutions that work for your property, no matter what kind of business you're in. Here’s how we can help:

  • Dependable Service Visits: Commercial pest control is an ongoing process, which is why we establish long-term relationships with the businesses we serve. Unlike other pest companies, we’re headquartered locally and we care about dependable, ongoing service.
  • Eco-Friendly Solutions: It’s also important to have pest solutions that don’t cause their own types of health problems. We use eco-friendly solutions that are safe to everyone but the pests we’re targeting.
  • Trusted Warranties: Other companies try to pull the rug out from under you when it comes to warranties and money-back guarantees. We don’t do that, instead providing you with promises you can trust.

For a proper partner in commercial pest control, trust GreenForce Pest Solutions.

How To Control Termites On Houston Heights Properties

Termites are some of the most destructive and terrifying pest problems to have. Not only do they cause a ton of damage to structures, but they can also even be active for weeks or months before property owners even know that they’re there. That’s why the smartest route to go for overall termite protection is to call the experts at GreenForce Pest Solutions. Our thorough inspections can clue you into a termite colony long before it causes irreparable harm, and our patented SentriconⓇ System is effective at eliminating problem colonies. Here are some features of our treatment:

  • Always Active System: Our SentriconⓇ misters are set to provide constant protection, warding off potential termites and creating a shield around your property.
  • Liquid Injections: We also target colonies themselves with lawn injections that directly affect the subterranean tunnel systems that termites use.
  • Interior Treatments: We can also treat interior woods with our BoraCare product, which makes your structural woods unattractive to any termites that might still manage to get near your structure.

Don’t risk a termite problem on your Houston Heights property, contact GreenForce Pest Control to get started on overall protection today.

Four Unmistakable Signs Your Houston Heights Home Has A Roach Problem

People tend to worry most about the grossest pests, the ones that are nasty to look at and can bring illnesses onto your property. Look no further than the cockroach for a pest that meets both of those disgusting traits and more. Avoiding roaches on your property is a matter of early prevention, but property owners still tend to only worry about them once a population is already there. That’s why it can be helpful to know what, specifically, you should keep an eye out for. Here are some signs of cockroach activity:

  1. Stains: Cockroaches leave their urine and feces behind, which leaves stains around your property. Their oily, greasy bodies can also result in streaky marks.
  2. Odor: It doesn’t take long before cockroaches produce the foul, musky odors that permeate an entire structure.
  3. Skins: Finding discarded exoskeletons, called “skin sheds,” around your property is another sure sign of a roach population. It also means that cockroaches are breeding, leading to young nymphs that outgrow their shells.
  4. Eggs: Cockroach eggs can vary in appearance by species, but they are generally dark-colored flakes that look somewhat peppery. Eggs are another clear sign that a population is not only there, it’s growing.

Get started on cockroach protection long before they become a problem with the effective services at GreenForce Pest Solutions.


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