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If there’s one thing that Katy, TX residents know to be true, it’s that humidity is just a part of life in the Houston area. And while the warm weather can make spending time outdoors more enjoyable, it also lends itself quite well to pest infestations. In other words, pests thrive here in Katy. As such, if you are a home or business owner, you need effective pest solutions that can keep your property safe from infestations and the threats they pose.

Here at GreenForce Pest Solutions, we offer residential and commercial pest services that you can count on to protect your property. That’s because we don’t simply eliminate current pests from your home or business. We will also work with you to take the necessary steps to help prevent future infestations. Contact us today to schedule a free inspection of your property. Or, continue reading to learn more about our pest control service offerings.

Home Pest Control In Katy, TX

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At GreenForce Pest Solutions, protecting your home and family from pests is our number one concern. We begin our process with a thorough visual inspection of the interior and exterior of your property. During this inspection, we look for entry points, signs of life, and other conditions that are conducive to infestations. We rely on a variety of treatments to achieve both immediate and long-term success. These include EPA-approved products, de-nesting, de-webbing, baits, and glue traps. We also like to keep open communication with our customers about issues we’ve identified, and steps you can take to make your home less exposed to pests. With our ongoing service, we return to your home on a quarterly basis, taking comprehensive assessments each time to ensure all treatments are working effectively. To schedule your free inspection, contact GreenForce Pest Solutions today.

Commercial Pest Control In Katy, TX

Running a business takes hard work. Therefore, the last thing you need is a pest infestation getting in your way and preventing you from operating effectively. To keep pests out of your Katy business, you need commercial pest control from GreenForce Pest Solutions.

We customize every commercial plan to fit the specific needs of the business that we are servicing. We accomplish this through comprehensive inspections of your property and open communications with you, the business owner. All of our treatments are eco-friendly and designed to eliminate current and future infestations. And, all of our commercial services are guaranteed. If pest activity resumes between your scheduled visits, we will return to remedy the problem at no additional cost to you. To schedule your free inspection, or to learn more about our commercial pest offerings, contact us today.

Four Effective Ways To Control Mosquitoes On Katy Properties

Given the moisture in Katy, mosquitoes are common no matter where in town you go. These obnoxious pests are known for their bites that leave itchy red welts on the skin. However, what many people don’t know is that mosquitoes aren’t just annoying; they can be dangerous, too. Therefore, you need effective mosquito control solutions for your Katy property.

  1. Remove sources of standing water by filling in low-lying areas in your yard, storing lids and containers upside down to prevent from filling with rain, and keeping gutters free of debris.
  2. Avoid overwatering your lawn. 
  3. Keep your grass cut short and trim back vegetation around the property.
  4. Store trash in bins with tight lids.

You should also consider partnering with the professionals here at GreenForce Pest Solutions. Our mosquito control service is the most effective way to keep mosquito populations on your property to a minimum. Give us a call today to learn more.

How Katy Homeowners Can Prevent Earwig Infestations

Earwigs are one of those pests who get a bad rep thanks to a tall tale about them burrowing into people’s ears and laying eggs in their brains. While this myth is 100 percent not true, that doesn’t mean you want them living in your Katy home. Unfortunately, thanks to the humidity in Katy, earwigs thrive in our city. However, there are steps you can take to make your home less hospitable to these nuisance pests.

  • Use dehumidifiers to lower moisture levels in areas with poor ventilation.
  • Fix leaky pipes and fixtures.
  • Keep attics, basements, closets, and crawlspaces free of debris.

You should also contact the professionals here at GreenForce Pest Solutions. We offer pest control services that you can count on to keep all kids of moisture-loving pests, including earwigs, out of your Katy home. To learn more, contact us today.


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