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Keep Houston, Texas Mosquitoes At Bay

When you live in the seventh most mosquito-infested city in the US, it's essential to understand all the risks that go along with these tiny pests. Everyone knows that they can cover you in itchy bites, but few know that mosquitoes are the deadliest pest in the world. In the United States, they spread the West Nile virus, Zika virus, malaria, and more. Keeping mosquitoes off your property as much as possible is the best way to protect your family and enjoy your yard. The local mosquito professionals at GreenForce Pest Solutions can help make this a reality.

Our Mosquito Control Offerings

pest expert treating around home for mosquitoes

Standing Water Treatments

In order to eliminate as many mosquitoes as possible from your property, it's important to target them at all stages of development. Mosquitoes can only breed if there is standing water available for their eggs, so you can help in this process by reducing the areas of standing water around your yard. Water can collect in clogged rain gutters, in low spots on your lawn or driveway, in flower pots, and more.

If you have areas of standing water, such as a pond, that you can't eliminate, our service technician will treat those areas with a granule treatment. This treatment gets rid of mosquito eggs and larvae.

Backpack Misting Treatment

We target adult mosquitoes in the areas where they rest during the day. With our backpack misting machine, we'll treat areas around your house, light fixtures, decks, and gazebos. We'll also treat around trees, shrubs, bushes, and grasses. Our treatments are safe for the environment and comprised of an eco-friendly triple mix with an added essential oil of your choice.

Our backpack misting treatments come with a three-week warranty. If we don't significantly reduce your mosquito problem three weeks, we'll return to your home to re-treat at no additional cost.

Misting Systems

For a more permanent solution, our mosquito misting systems are an excellent choice. Our service technicians will install the system in strategic areas of your yard. It is programmed to release a misting treatment on a regular schedule to keep mosquitoes at bay all season long. It also has a manual option you can use if the mosquito populations seem to be growing or if you have a special outdoor event coming up.

Enjoy Your Time Outdoors Without Worry

Nothing will drive you inside faster than a swarm of hungry mosquitoes. You should be able to enjoy your backyard without worrying about itchy and dangerous bites. With mosquito control from GreenForce Pest Solutions, you'll receive eco-friendly mosquito treatments that work – guaranteed. Contact us to schedule a service visit.


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