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Don’t Let Rodents Destroy Your Texas Home

Rodents are small animals that are big troublemakers when they get into your home. Their constant need to chew leaves holes in your walls, chunks ripped out of your insulation, damage to your pipes and wiring, and belongings that are contaminated or destroyed. Rodents also spread a number of dangerous diseases and bring parasites into your house. If you have reason to believe that rodents are in your home, contact your local rodent control experts at GreenForce Pest Solutions to get rid of them.

Our Rodent Control Offerings

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At GreenForce Pest Solutions, we customize every rodent control services to meet the unique needs of our customers. To determine what treatment method will work best in your situation, we begin with an inspection of your home. This investigation allows us to see where the rodent infestation is, how big it is, and how the rodents are getting inside. Basic inspections for main living areas are free. If the inspection requires going into crawl space areas, there is a fee.

Baiting & Trapping

Our primary rodent control method is the use of baiting, but we also use trapping and sometimes do a combination of the two. We’ll strategically place bait boxes and traps around the interior and exterior of your home. Depending on the scenario, we’ll wait two to seven days to return to check them, or we’ll respond when you contact us.

We also use a flushing agent to push rodents out of your home. Once they’ve all vacated the building, we’ll re-fill the hole to prevent them from getting back inside.

Sanitation Services

Rodents leave waste products behind that are dangerous to your family’s health. Once we eliminate the rodent infestation, it’s crucial to ensure the areas that were affected are cleaned and sanitized. We use a liquid treatment to disinfect the area. If the problem is within the walls of your home, we can mix the product with a special foam and inject it into the walls.

Our sanitation treatment comes with a warranty of three to six months, depending on several factors. Contact us for more information.

Exclusion Work

Sealing up entry points is vital to preventing an infestation in the future. We offer exclusion work from ground-level to roof-level, where we’ll seal all entry points. This service is warrantied for one year if you currently have a recurring service plan.

Rodents Don’t Have To Scare You

Rodent infestations are cause for alarm, but with the help of GreenForce Pest Solutions’ rodent control services, they don’t have to scare you anymore. We can eliminate your infestation, sanitize the area, and close up points of entry. Your active infestation will be no more, and you won’t have to worry about future infestations either. Contact us to schedule your free inspection.


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