Rodent Identification & Prevention

What are rodents?

Rodents are prolific pests found living throughout most of the world, and many of which have adapted to living near people. Rodents vary in size, shape, and behavior. Some weigh only a few ounces, and others, a few hundred pounds. Some like to nest in trees, while others burrow into the ground. No matter what the species, all rodents have two things in common: continuously growing front incisors, and a lack of canine teeth. Rodents prevent their ever-growing teeth from overgrowing by chewing on virtually everything they come across. They are dangerous, damaging, and annoying pests that need to stay out of our homes and businesses.

a pack rat sitting on a rock

Are rodents dangerous?

Rodents are dangerous pests due to the many health risks they pose to people, and their ability to contaminate food. Hantavirus, leptospirosis, rat-bate fever, and salmonellosis are examples of pathogens and bacteria that rodents spread, which make people sick. They also carry with them a variety of parasites (flea, ticks, and mites), which can transmit even more diseases to people and our pets.

In addition to being dangerous pests, their chewing habits make rodents destructive pests. Rodents that find their way into homes and other buildings may chew through and damage wires, which can trigger short circuits and even fires. They also damage pipes, drywall, flooring, and insulation. Rodents aren’t just bad for your home’s structure, but also to other items as well. Rodents chew on and damage clothing, shoes, furniture, books, and boxes.

Why do I have a rodent problem?

Attracted to properties that offer them easy access to food and shelter, rodents live successfully in urban, rural, and suburban areas. A few of their most common food sources include trash cans, pet food, gardens, and outdoor eating areas. The more places they can gain access to food, the more attractive your property will be to rodents.

Where will I find rodents?

Rodents prefer to live outside. They nest in sheltered areas like gardens, tall grass, dense vegetation, woodpiles, between rocks, tree stumps, and under fallen trees. While they do like to live outside, rodents will move into homes, garages, and other structures while foraging for food or to escape harsh weather. Very hot or cold weather causes rodents to want to move into temperature-controlled buildings. Inside, rodents place their cylindrical nests behind wall voids, in attics, in basement clutter, and behind large appliances.

How do I get rid of rodents?

The best way to live pest-free is to partner with the Houston pest professionals at GreenForce Pest Solutions. Our family wants to keep your family and home safe from rodents and other pests. Our guaranteed services provide our home and business owners with fast, effective pest elimination. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, we are committed to solving your pest problems in the Houston, Texas region.

How can I prevent rodents in the future?

In addition to our home pest control and commercial pest control services, keep your property free of rodents using the following prevention tips:

  • Seal up any holes you find around the walls or foundation of your home.

  • Put mesh covers on vents and drains entering into your house.

  • Cut back tree branches away from your roof.

  • Store firewood away from the outside of your home.

  • Remove fallen trees and excess piles of debris from your yard.

  • Keep tight-fitting or locking lids on outdoor trash cans and compost bins.

  • Store all leftover food in refrigerators or inside containers with airtight lids.

  • Limit the clutter in your home where rodents can hide or nest.

If you are looking for exceptional rodent control for your home or business, reach out to the friendly, local pest control experts at GreenForce Pest Solutions today!


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